Week of May 6

spa beach field trip

So little time and so many things yet to experience! This week, it was off to Spa Beach for the Junior Kindergarten classes to do on-site fieldwork for their ocean projects. With the assistance of doctoral and graduate students from the Marine Biology program at USF, some specimen were collected using a seine net. The students also became quite adept at finding more sea life by searching through the seaweed along the shore and wading in the water. It was interesting that at the same beach, each class found different types of sea life on each visit.  Of course, all of the creatures, which included crabs, a flounder, jellyfish, a sea hare, a tiny sea horse and more, were safely released after observation and gentle examination. After a picnic lunch, it was back to school to document their adventures.

Spa Beach, Florida, preschool field experience

preschoolers explore spa beach, florida

It was a real adventure for the Alpha classes when they each took a turn to visit the Junior Kindergarten building and join the “older” students for exploring adventures in their future learning environment. The first group to go was Mrs. Carson’s students who were partnered with Junior Kindergartners to engage in building adventures, snack creations and explorations of orbs and light as well as fun with shaving cream and more. The JKers took their role as guides and helpers so seriously; it was obvious how much they have grown socially and emotionally over this year!

(Meanwhile, JK students visited kindergarten. Read about that in Ebytes.)

visiting junior kindergarten

From cooking and enjoying the taste of tacos, to strengthening eye-hand coordination and fine motor strength and control to documenting the life cycle of the butterfly (by observing their 20 caterpillars!), the boys and girls in Alpha, too, demonstrate their growth every day.

preschoolers demonstrate growth

Exploration and experiences with light and color brightened things up for the Junior students on our rainy Wednesday morning. Light bounced and reflected through the house they erected off magnetic tiles on top of an overhead projector as well as through the blocks on top of the light table. They also discovered that the light shining behind a paper picture allowed them to see through and trace the picture onto another paper.

tracing with a light board

More color fun came by using paint with hands, spoons and more as well as with salad spinners whose centrifugal force made very cool spin art designs.

spin art

Still to come – Alpha Parent Day, the JK project culmination and more!

Have a great week full of exciting experiences!


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