Week of May 20


As the days of this school year wind down, the children in The Experiential School of Tampa Bay keep on moving forward while enjoying exploring, discovery and creating.

preschool parents preschool windchime

Last Friday, the Alpha students performed for and celebrated their parents and their year in Alpha at our annual Alpha Parent Day. The morning started with song where the children demonstrated their vocal talents. After enjoying cookies together, everyone moved to the classrooms where children and parents alike enjoyed a slide show of the year’s experiences and learning adventures. The final highlight of the morning was the presentation by the children to their parents of the “biographical” cards and wind chimes they had created for them. How proud everyone was – the parents, the children and their teachers!

(video here)

Find many more photos here thanks to Charger mom Leslie Mathews:

storytelling quiltIt was a special treat for Mrs. Schaedel’s Alpha class when Mrs. Sabourault not only came to substitute, but brought her storytelling quilt with her. The children were captivated by the interactive storytelling and loved being able to participate using the props, their bodies and their voices.

The growth in the children is evident in everything they do, but no where more than in the collaboration we watched this week in the Junior Kindergarten. At the beginning of the year, it was often difficult for the students to work together cooperatively, even in pairs. Now, they spontaneously engage, even in large groups in every area from building with Legos, working together on puzzles and even helping to wash the manipulatives they’ve been using!

student cooperationIn Alpha, they are still developing new skills and refining some of those they’ve practiced throughout the year. From transferring with tongs and small objects to creating sea life from play dough or by tracing the inside of stencils, those fine motor muscles kept strengthening every day throughout the year.

preschool motor skillsThe Junior Kindergartners worked diligently on the final projects they will present to the parents. They had so many different ideas on how to portray their learning and let creativity fly! Even their teachers were amazed by their ingenuity and how they persevered to make them look just as they wanted them to. Here are a few more pictures of the creation process, but check back next week to see the finished products on display and the children presenting them.

creative school projects

Even with their projects underway, the children and teachers found time to work on some very special gifts as well as some pretty cool sea creatures!


shorecrest art

Well, we only have one week left in the 2015-2016 school year, but special activities including the project share, the end-of-the-year parties, and giving the children closure to the year are still to come. Be sure to stop by this site to see how we say good-bye for the summer!

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