Week of May 13


As the year progressed, so did the skills of our Experiential School students! With our project-based and integrated hands-on approach to learning, the children have developed curiosity, a love of learning and pride in their accomplishments. All of the fine motor activities have paid off as evidenced by the growth in the children’s ability to create detailed representational as well as creative and imaginative drawings.

sharks4kids visit preschool

As Junior Kindergarten winds up its project based study of the depths and life in the ocean, they were visited by a representative from Sharks4Kids, a non-profit organization that strives to create shark advocates through education and outreach.  Michelle used video, photos and biofacts to teach the children about these fascinating creatures of the deep as well as why they are important to our ecosystem. Following her visit, the students created drawings of  and talked about their favorite sharks.leraning about marine life

The final stage of a project study for the preschoolers is creating a representation of what they found to be the most interesting facets of what they have learned. The process of creating the representation begins by the children sitting down individually with the teacher and creating a blueprint which includes what they want to share, how they want to portray it and what they need to do so. The teachers facilitate by furnishing all the materials the students said they need and supporting them in the efforts to make their vision a reality. Next week, their parents are invited to view the representations and hear from the children about them.

ball skills with high schoolers

A mistake in the schedule of the Rec Gym led to a spontaneous and wonderful interaction between our Alpha and some of the Upper School students during their PE periods! According to Coach Pope-Raab, it was the youngest children’s most successful and enjoyable PE period ever as the older girls helped the younger children further develop their ball-handling skills. These are truly the value-added experiences that enrich our young students.



Questioning the honesty of claims of from farm to table has been featured in the news recently. In The Experiential School, however, from garden to table is an integral part of the children’s experience. Since September, they have been planting, tending, harvesting and tasting (as well as cooking!) As the year winds down, it has been time to cultivate the rest of our crops and, in recent days, the children enjoyed home-grown celery and carrots as well as pasta mixed with pesto they made from our basil plants. Vegetables taste so much better when you grow them yourself!

garden fresh snackfarm to table preschool snack

 gutters, ramps and ballsLast Friday, it was Mrs. Schaedel’s class’ turn to explore with the Junior Kindergartners. The adventures included exploration with gutters, ramps and balls, a fishy snack created from oranges and blueberries and sea life shadow dancing with fishy movements as well as stick puppets they created.

splash day

Splash Day was a huge hit for the boys and girls in JK as they spent their PE period on Wednesday enjoying the giant water slide as well as other water and beach-related games and activities! (A few more Splash Day photos here thanks to Charger mom Leslie Mathews.)

Well, we have only two weeks left in this school year, but there are still many experiences and adventures left to enjoy. Come back next week to view the Alpha Parent Day and more!

Have a great week filled with exciting experiences!


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