Week of May 27


This was the last week of the 2015-2016 school year for the students and teachers of The Experiential School of Tampa Bay, and it was a busy one! We believe that it is important to keep the learning momentum going, celebrate the year and give the children closure, so the activities of the last weeks have done all of these!

The Junior Kindergartners shared representations of their learning from their Ocean project with their parents at their culmination event. The representations ranged from dioramas that illustrated life in the layers of the ocean to paper maché  and plastic bag and tape models to paintings, books, and clay sculptures, all representing the wide variety of aspects of the projects that were of most interest or meaningful to each child. The display was impressive, but not as much as the children’s oral presentations that went with them. Parents circulated through the classroom, learning from the children as they went!

preschool ocean projectsWednesday was a day of celebrating the great year we all have had with a variety of activities related to the sea, water and more.

ocean party

In Alpha, the boys and girls enjoyed decorating beach towels, painting treasure boxes, hunting for treasure in the sand,”fishing” in the water table and pseudo-seaweed and eating the “ocean”!

playing in the classroomIn Junior Kindergarten, it was marble “waterfalls,” tie-dying tee shirts, creating and sailing boats, using toes to dig for treasure, and creating delectable sea creatures for snack.

sea creature snack

Of course, it wouldn’t be a full celebration without fun in our outdoor classroom. The water blob was the greatest source of excitement and fun but the bubbles and waterworks ran a close second! It was an awesome morning to celebrate a great year!

outdoor water playAdditional fun during the last week of school included:

Decorating shirts with fish using our hands!

painting fish tshirts

as well as building with exciting new blocks, finding cozy spots to hide away with a giant puzzle and cleaning out the gardens to make them ready for next year.

gardening and building with blocks

There was also experimenting with paint on plexiglass, collaborating with new construction manipulatives, finishing journals or alphabet books and making and wrapping gifts for our families.

manipulatives in the preschool classroom

It’s been another year of great explorations, discovery, and fun in The Experiential School – come back and see us in August for more learning adventures! Documents parents need for the 2016-2017 school year are on the Parent page of shorecrest.org.

Have a great summer full of wonderful and exciting experiences!


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