Week of April 29

Our days are running short in The Experiential School of Tampa Bay, but there is no shortage of things going on! Last Friday was Earth Day, and taking care of and appreciating the beauty of our world is of primary importance to the students and teachers in our program. The boys and girls in Alpha celebrated the day with an appreciation of the beautiful creatures around us, and specifically on this day – butterflies! They have been watching the progress of their own caterpillars to learn about their life cycle and habits, and also learn about symmetry by observing the butterflies’ wings. This concept was illustrated when the children squeezed dots of paint onto one half of a piece of paper, then folded and gently rubbed it. There were squeals of delight when they opened the paper to discover beautiful symmetrical designs which became the wings of their butterflies. Snack also fit… [Read more]

Week of April 22

Last week I told you a bit about some of the early events from our Celebrate the Arts week at Shorecrest and promised to share more about this exciting week. On Friday, each class was able to engage in interactive activities with two visiting artists. These experiences ranged from learning from a potter, creative movement, dance, painting and recyclable art. (Lots more photos here.) After their art experiences, the Experiential and Lower Schools joined together to perform a musical program for each other and their families. (video) (photos) All was followed by a wonderful family picnic. And tours of the visual arts displays from Alpha through the Upper School juried art show. How wonderful it is for The Experiential School students to be part of the whole Shorecrest experience! For more information about Celebrating the Arts at Shorecrest, click here. Ongoing projects The Junior Kindergartners are continuing their investigations into aspects of the ocean and sea… [Read more]

Week of April 15

Community is so very important to, and such an integral part of, the school experience for the students in The Experiential School of Tampa Bay. It begins in the classroom but then moves outward to encompass the whole Shorecrest community. During the past week, our students participated in two major events. The first was Relay For Life, where all members of our school community join together to fight cancer. The sight of our youngest students walking the track with the Seniors and Juniors was heartwarming and inspiring.   (many more photos from the opening lap here.) Relay was followed by Celebrate the Arts week. While the arts are actually an important part of every day at Shorecrest, this is the week when the school as a whole explores and celebrates the originality, creativity and talents in the school and broader community. One of the first events was a rock concert performed by some… [Read more]