Week of February 26

The people who help take care of our cars are very important to all of us and a trip to Bob Lee’s Tire provided the Alpha students with the perfect segue from their “People in the Neighborhood” study to the Transportation project they will engage in after Spring Break. The children were thrilled with their Bob Lee shirts and the “safety goggles” they received. The goggles, of course, kept them safe as they examined the car engine and learned to operate the air machine and the car lift! Many, many thanks to the Lees for providing this awesome experience for our youngest Experiential School students! Back at school, the Junior Kindergartners were busily engaged in learning more about waterways and the structures built to cross some of them. Since our area is surrounded by water, the students are very familiar with bridges, and this week, they thought about them from… [Read more]

Week of February 19

It was a shorter week in The Experiential School this week due to last Friday’s professional day for the teachers to review, update and align curriculum; and taking Monday off to honor the Presidents of our nation. Upon their return to school, the Junior Kindergartners illustrated and dictated what they would do if they were President and in charge of our country. After looking at their work, I decided that the world would definitely be a better place if they were elected. After all, their ideas included everything from planting flowers and trees to provide beauty and food, to helping people who cannot walk well, to making everyone be kind and respectful to each other whatever color skin they have!   The Alpha students spend lots of time exploring color and shape through experiential art. Rather than making cutesy projects prepared by the teacher and put together in a prescribed manner, we believe that children should be supplied with… [Read more]

Week of February 11

It’s been a week of celebration – we’ve celebrated learning, harvesting and holidays. Take a look at the most recent adventures of the students of The Experiential School of Tampa Bay! Learning about the Chinese New Year in Junior Kindergarten involved discovering some of the customs and symbols of the holiday celebrated by the people of China and Chinese descent. The students engaged in dancing, making and playing hand drums, creating and flying kites and eating rice and vegetables with chopsticks. Gung Hay Fat Choy, everyone! In keeping with the Chinese New Year and our gardening project, the Junior Kindergartners ventured into cooking a traditional Asian food, egg rolls! Using the cabbage they grew from seed in our garden, the children cut, chopped, grated and sautéd the ingredients, then rolled the mixture in egg roll wrappers. After our friends at SAGE Food Service did the deep frying in the kitchen, the crispy treat was enjoyed with… [Read more]