Week of October 30

As Halloween drew closer and closer, the students’ excitement grew and grew. Therefore, it took much creativity on the part of the teachers, along with their knowledge of how to engage children productively to make this week in The Experiential School of Tampa Bay an enriching one. The children’s curiosity led them to adventure and their excitement at discovery was contagious. Pumpkins continued to provide opportunities for using all five senses as the children came up with lots of adjectives for how the inside of the pumpkin felt, how it smelled, sounded when thumped on, looked with a variety of faces, and how the seeds tasted! There were lots of stories that were fun to read and seeds to count. There was even an opportunity to learn about voting as Mrs. Carson’s students used their thumbprints to register their choice of Jack-o-lantern face to carve on their pumpkin. In Junior Kindergarten, spiders joined the pumpkins as the… [Read more]

Week of October 23

October is such an exciting month for children! As the weather begins to cool, and Halloween approaches, it takes creativity on the part of The Experiential School teachers to keep the children’s experiences engaging and relevant so their development can continue to forge ahead! Take a look at what went on this week. Why take a trip to the Pumpkin Patch? The Junior Kindergarteners found out why when they took a trip to the pumpkin patch at the Clearview United Methodist Church. From finding out how the pumpkins traveled to St. Petersburg, seeing pumpkins growing, learning pumpkin songs and playing instruments in time to the music to measuring pumpkins, going on a scavenger hunt and finding their way through the hay bale maze, it was an adventure to be remembered. Everyone returned excited about their experience and the pumpkins they brought back with them to use for further exploration and adventure. How about… [Read more]

Week of October 15

It’s been a week full of apples, pumpkins, creating a scarecrow to protect our garden, and much, much more. The students in The Experiential School of Tampa Bay continued to explore the fruits of the season; the 3-year-olds in Alpha discovered that much of their food comes from farms; and the Junior Kindergartners began their fall projects. There have been many opportunities to incorporate math and literacy into these and other developmentally appropriate activities – we never forget that learning can and should be fun. Take a look! Apples – Tasting, cooking, art and math! From tasting a variety of types and graphing our favorites, to using them to measure each other and even some teachers, apples were a great math tool! They also were perfect for printing, and especially for cooking as the students practiced their cutting skills, measured out sugar and cinnamon (more math!), and discovered what happens when the apples are… [Read more]