More on Reading with Preschoolers

Last week, I wrote about the importance of reading “real” books to children vs. primarily digital books. Because the annual Shorecrest Scholastic Book Fair is this week, it seems the right time to talk more about reading with children and the benefits of different types of literature. Reading to children promotes a love of reading which is a precursor to making learning enjoyable. The act of reading together also opens up opportunities for conversation and builds bonds and strengthens relationships. The types of books you read with your children also can aid their development of literacy skills as well as of values and ability to deal with life situations. Stories such “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly“; “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?“; and “Goodnight Moon” aid in the development of memory and give children confidence and a sense that they can read as they retell… [Read more]

Week of September 25

Welcome (back) to this private preschool blog that gives a glimpse into a few of the adventures of the students of The Experiential School of Tampa Bay. If you ever read about or see pictures of experiences that you would like to know more about, I’d love to hear from you. To contact me, email . From Seeing to Hearing After several days of learning about the sense of sight last week, the three-year-olds in Alpha began to explore hearing, listening and sounds this week. Shaking sound-making canisters allowed the children to hear a variety of sounds and discover those that matched, while tapping tuning forks together illustrated how sounds can be created through vibration. Working in small groups with the teacher, tuning forks and jars of colored water led to the students discover that varying the amount of water affects the sounds created by tapping the tuning fork on the glass. Seeds Sprout Since they planted the cabbage and chive seeds just a… [Read more]

Books are not a thing of the past!

In this age of technology, paper books frequently take a back seat to tablets and computers. Research, however, indicates that there are some distinct benefits to reading “the old-fashioned way”, such as better comprehension and memory of what is read on paper. Reading a paper book also provides sensory input and a greater sense of where you are in a story. There are absolutely times when digital reading may be the best choice, it is a lot easier to pack my iPad than the 4-6 books I used to pack on a trip! The importance, however, of giving children who are just entering the world of literature access to a large and varied supply of paper books cannot be overstated. Of course, this access does not end with giving children books, it means reading to and with them daily. Each of our private preschool classrooms has a comfortable area where… [Read more]