Week of May 29 + Back to School Info

As a teacher, time is measured in school years rather than calendar years, and I don’t know if it is a phenomenon of getting older or the pace of society, but every year seems to go faster. This year in The Experiential School has been no exception! Though it feels as if it has gone by in a flash, the passage of time is evident in the children who have touched my life this year. They each have grown physically, but that is slight compared to the leaps and bounds they’ve taken personally, socially, and emotionally as well as cognitively. They have been building a foundation along with the life skills and habits of mind that will serve them well in their academic, personal and professional futures, and they did so through discovery, experimentation and inquiry and a wide variety of experiences. My wish for them is that the enthusiasm they have developed for learning and their caring ways never waver, for in… [Read more]

Class Placement

Parents often have questions about their child’s private school class placement, and some have perceptions of what teacher they would like their child to have, usually based on conversations with other parents or impressions gained in a snapshot moment. Our school policy is that parents may not request specific teachers for their child. Creating a class list is a complicated process that involves a great deal of thought with many factors taken into consideration. These include gender, age, personalities, cognitive and developmental stages, social interactions, and family histories. Making these lists can be one of the most difficult responsibilities of a Division Head. Our goal is to create well-balanced classes that will be cohesive and work well together and with the teacher. So that you have an understanding of how class lists are created, here is a synopsis of the process. Assume there will be three Junior Kindergarten and three Kindergarten… [Read more]

Week of May 22

Dear Friends of The Experiential School, It is so hard to believe that there is only one week left in our school year and this is my next to last posting until late August! This week, the students in The Experiential School of Tampa Bay spent their time finishing up their last studies and revisiting some of their favorite activities. Take a look: Looking into the future It was Mrs. Carson’s class’ turn to visit Junior Kindergarten to experience their future learning environment. Exploring activities included experimentation with ramps and balls to make discoveries about slope and velocity; building with a variety of blocks and sea life, a science lab for color experiments, and creating octopuses from spaghetti and hot dogs for snack. We really loved watching the JK students serving as guides and play partners to the younger students. They took their responsibilities very seriously, and truly made their little… [Read more]