What is a Vacation?

Last week, I briefly mentioned that the children shared tales of their vacations with each other and their teachers upon their return to school. Their stories included playing with friends, spending time with family and taking trips that ranged from Target to Austria! All of them were equally excited and happy. Interestingly, though, is the children’s lack of clarity on what vacation means. There can be a difference between being on vacation or being on a vacation trip, and all may be more enjoyable with some forethought. Perhaps your vacation is going to be spent at home, taking a break from the everyday run-around. I am a big fan of taking time to just enjoy each other, relax, read, and play games. You may, though, want think about going on outings to places such as the beach, the many wonderful national and state parks that are nearby and/or local places… [Read more]

Week of March 27

After a week off for Spring Break, teachers and children alike returned to Shorecrest raring to go back to exploring, experiencing, discovering and questioning to learn. The weather has been perfect, so it was the right time to make use of the outdoor classroom and do fieldwork. As always, there is much going on in The Experiential School of Tampa Bay; take a look! Transportation fieldwork It was into the parking lots (with great care, of course!) for the Alpha students. Armed with survey sheets, crayons and clipboards or books, the girls and boys observed the vehicles parked and driving down the road to tally how many they saw of each type. Back in the classroom, the children either shared their survey results with a partner or as a class. Week of Webbing With the conclusion of their global study, the Junior Kindergartners came back ready to move on to a brand new projects… [Read more]

Preschoolers in the Summer

Though there is still a full quarter of the school year yet to go, and we will be having fun learning during each day that we have left, it is also the time when parents begin to think how their children will spend the upcoming summer. My favorite word regarding most things is “balance,” and children’s summer activities are no exceptions. It is always a concern of mine that children are too often over-scheduled, and do not have enough “down” time during the school year. It is equally important to keep a balance of structured activity and free time during the summer. Since beginning school, the children have become accustomed to having a regular routine, interacting and sharing with other children. They have learned to be part of a community, developed independence in personal skills, and to listen and follow directions in a group. While we’d like to think that these and… [Read more]