Week of February 27

The students of The Experiential School of Tampa Bay continued to embrace exploring and discovering as they traveled through their week! Travel is the best word to describe the week as the Alpha (3- & 4-year-old) students began to concentrate on transportation and the Junior Kindergartners (4-&5-year-olds) continued their way across the continents. A Segue from the Neighborhood to Transportation A visit from the Sunstar EMTs was a great way to transition from one study to the next. The people from Sunstar explained their job, showed the children the gurney and the inside of the ambulance and answered their questions. Their mini remote controlled ambulance, “Sunny,” thrilled them with its antics. All Aboard! The transportation study began with an exploring day that included a variety of ways for the children to begin thinking about what transportation actually is – ways to move people or things from one place to another. One room… [Read more]

Going beyond our comfort zones

When faced with new challenges, people may think, “That’s too risky,” or “I can’t do that, it’s too hard.” Children often will try to opt out of things they don’t think they can do, don’t like to do because they are difficult, or don’t perceive that they are as good at as someone else. Our goal for our students of The Experiential School, however, is for them to look on challenges as opportunities. We encourage them to tackle challenges. Our mantra is try, and if they can’t do it, to try again and again until they meet success. All the while, we provide just enough scaffolding (support and encouragement) to aid their progress and develop their confidence. We know that allowing them to give up reinforces their negative feelings and can establish a mindset against tackling anything that might be challenging. The key is not to take the easy route… [Read more]

Week of February 20

It was a short week, but the past four days in The Experiential School of Tampa Bay were packed with new experiences, discovery, learning and fun! How do we travel around the neighborhood? By transportation, of course! As they began to shift their focus a bit from People in the Neighborhood  to Transportation, Alpha transformed their loft. The top became a fire truck, pertinent to both topics and a great place to reflect on their recent trip to the fire station. Underneath the loft became a tire shop where the girls and boys are now exploring tools and changing tires. As they do, there are many discussions about vehicles as they compare tires and share knowledge! Playful Pandas It was all about Asia in Junior Kindergarten this week as the 4- and 5-year- olds continued their journey across the continents. The favorite animal was the giant panda, native to China, so the children spent time under the bamboo poring over books to… [Read more]