Week of January 30

Alpha experiences the Upper School! When the playground was flooded from all the rain on Sunday, Mrs. Carson’s Alpha class decided to walk over and visit the Upper School in their school neighborhood on Monday.  They were welcomed by Upper School Head, Tom Dillow, Ms. Morlando and many of the US students. The most exciting thing about the impromptu visit, however, was that we were able to catch up with one Alpha student’s daddy in his classroom. He showed the three- and four-year-olds around the room and let them sit in the “big kid” seats! It was so cool to see the drawings and stories his students were working on and to look at his collection of glass cars and cacti. What a fun morning!     Embarking on a journey This week, the Junior Kindergarten study of the continents really kicked off with our own continent. They first explored North America through… [Read more]

Deal making, negotiating and bribery

There is a definite difference between answering children’s questions, particularly the “why” ones, and entering into power struggles by deal-making and negotiating when telling children to do something. Please note that I said telling, not asking! Asking “Will you please get dressed?” or “Go get dressed, okay?” is actually giving a choice ( In the second example, saying “okay?” at the end turns it into a question.) If there is something a child is expected to do, “Go get dressed,” or “It’s time to stop playing and get dressed,” are clear directions, and do not invite choice. If a child replies “no” or does not react, remind him that this is a direction, not a choice, and then walk away. This discussion goes back to the idea of developing character and intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation. Our goal is for children to do the right thing and make good choices because it… [Read more]

Week of January 23

Meeting Chefs Kevin and Sal Since our school lunches are delivered to the classrooms, the Alpha students had never visited the Sage kitchen where their school lunches are prepared. Therefore, as part of getting to know the people in their community, a visit to meet Chefs Kevin and Sal was a great adventure. The students were able to see the cooks in action as they prepared food for students and teachers in all parts of the school. They had lots of questions which our wonderful kitchen staff patiently answered. The children really are learning to ask questions to gather information!    “Exploring the Community” Last Friday’s Alpha exploring featured opportunities to experience many aspects of the community through dramatic play, snack and more. The three rooms were set up as a jewelry making shop, an artist’s studio, a dance studio (featuring our own Ms. Rosoff who is a dance teacher when she’s not… [Read more]