Week of Aug. 29, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ms. Fenech It was a special birthday for Alpha teacher, Meaghan Fenech, when her students and parent representative surprised her on her birthday with the help of her assistant teacher, Ms. Rosoff. The children decorated a frame containing a photo of the class holding a birthday sign to present to Ms. Fenech along with cupcakes for snack that everyone enjoyed. A visit with Mrs. Smay The Experiential School students had their first visit to the library this week. With the help of her puppets Mr. Clean Hand and Mr. Dirty Hand, Mrs. Smay taught the children about book etiquette.  The returning Experiential School students were thrilled to see Mrs. Smay again, and our new students were excited to meet her and experience our wonderful library. Everyone is looking forward to their first book checkout next week. First PE classes The PE coaches quickly become some of the Experiential… [Read more]

Aug. 22, 2014 – First Week of School

From the first walk to class and morning meetings – to centers, exploratoriums and playground activities – our Alpha and Junior Kindergartners dove into their first few days with joy and spirit as they and their teachers began their year’s journey together. On the first day of school, there were many smiles and a few tears of trepidation. Our wonderful parent greeters and fourth grade patrols helped everyone feel safe and comfortable. By the time they reached their classrooms, students were ready to embark on new adventures! At first morning meetings, classes began developing a feeling of community as they learned each other’s names through interactive greetings and activities. Using interactive modeling, the teachers helped their students understand the daily procedures from pausing and listening when they hear the chime to washing hands, listening to others and using materials and treating pets respectfully. One adjustment to JK includes learning to… [Read more]

What Did You Do Today?

How to talk to your children about their day at school The most frequent lament I hear from parents at the beginning of the year is that their children aren’t giving them any information about their day! To the question, “What did you do today?” they are likely to respond, “Nothing,” “I don’t remember,” or “I played.” Often children need to wind down before they are ready to share the details of their day. Therefore, go easy with questions as soon as you see them; scatter them through the time you spend together after school, at dinner and getting ready for bed. The type of question you ask will also make a difference in the amount and quality of information they share. Rather than “What did you do today,” try asking more specific questions. Here are a few examples of some that might yield more results: “Did Ms. Kemp teach you a… [Read more]