Week of October 17

Music is Magic Listening and responding to music is an important part of music classes in The Experiential School. This week, JK students learned that composers typically write one of three types of music: music that tells a story, music that paints a picture, or “pure” music. Students spent time listening to “The Enchanted Garden” by Maurice Ravel (1875-1937), which paints a picture in the listener’s mind of a magical garden in early morning. Then, in a visual art and music integration activity, they took crayon to paper as they were listening to the piece, and used critical thinking skills to reflect and interpret what they heard by creating their very own picture of an enchanted garden. The end results were, indeed, magical, as the children held up and expressed excitement and appreciation for everyone’s musical piece of art. A Visit with Dr. Levitt It was off to the dentist for… [Read more]

Week of October 10

The Perfect Pets! The annual Junior Kindergarten Pet Show was a huge success in the eyes of the spectators, the parents and  especially the proud 4- and 5-year-old pet owners! Whether their pet was of the live or stuffed variety, each owners proudly walked across the platform to collect their award certificates and say a few words about their pet into the microphone. Over the last 6 weeks or so, the boys and girls in our preschool classes have become more and more comfortable speaking in front of each other in class, but this was their real public speaking debut! Their general consensus was, whether their animal had fins or fur, was real or pretend, each child’s pet, to him or her, was the best! Click here for pictures if you have trouble viewing the slideshow! Following the pet show, Exploring included conversation about our classroom pets and how to safely and courteously… [Read more]

Week of October 3

Learning about and sharing pets in Junior Kindergarten When discussing what makes a family and who is in a family, pets can’t be ignored! So students could learn more about caring for pets, Paula Allen from the SPCA came to visit JK last Friday. Ms. Allen shared a book about a boy who wondered what his dog’s life had been like before he was rescued, and did a flannelboard story about a lost dog who found a family. Interwoven through the stories was information about what pets need and about being cautious around strange animals. We were so proud of how attentive and interested the children were during the presentation. In conjunction with Ms. Allen’s visit and in anticipation of their own pet show, the 4- & 5-year-olds engaged in a variety of related activities, including a veterinary hospital for socio-dramatic play and math activities that extended their measuring experiences.     In one activity, the children measured a stuffed animal… [Read more]