Week of January 23

Meeting Chefs Kevin and Sal Since our school lunches are delivered to the classrooms, the Alpha students had never visited the Sage kitchen where their school lunches are prepared. Therefore, as part of getting to know the people in their community, a visit to meet Chefs Kevin and Sal was a great adventure. The students were able to see the cooks in action as they prepared food for students and teachers in all parts of the school. They had lots of questions which our wonderful kitchen staff patiently answered. The children really are learning to ask questions to gather information!    “Exploring the Community” Last Friday’s Alpha exploring featured opportunities to experience many aspects of the community through dramatic play, snack and more. The three rooms were set up as a jewelry making shop, an artist’s studio, a dance studio (featuring our own Ms. Rosoff who is a dance teacher when she’s not… [Read more]

Week of January 16

Students giving to each other The book, I Like Your Buttons, is a story of passing on good feelings, and all of our students in The Experiential School and Lower School classes are in the process of doing that for each other. Each class is planning something special for another class, a project planned by the fourth grade. Selection was random by teachers pulling each other’s names from a hat. This week, Mrs. Whitecage’s first grade class visited Mrs. Craver’s Junior Kindergarten with some of their favorite stories to read to the four- and five-year olds as well as a personalized card they had made for each one. There were smiles on every face! Meanwhile, in Mrs. Jotch’s class, the students were busy cutting hearts and using honey and bird seed to create bird feeders to decorate their partner class’ garden! What does the Headmaster do? What better place could there… [Read more]

Week of January 9

Happy New Year and welcome back to school! We’ve only been back a few days but it is already evident that, as I addressed in my latest post in “Parenting Tips,” the children are entering new stages and soaking up new knowledge like sponges! As we start the new year, the classes are also embarking on new projects and units of study. Getting to know the community The three- and 4-year olds in Alpha are beginning a study of “The People in our Neighborhood.” It will include exploring what a community is as well as learning about the people who are in the school and local communities. Socio-dramatic play will feature opportunities to take on roles of people doing jobs that are important to all of us, such as the postal workers pictured above and the carpenters below. During the course of this study, the girls and boys will visit and be visited by people in… [Read more]