Week of November 21

Dear Readers, It is always busy in The Experiential School of Tampa Bay. Holidays add to the fun but are not the centerpiece of our curriculum. Instead, some related activities are integrated in meaningful ways into our units of study and project work. In Alpha, our 3- & 4-year-old program, Thanksgiving is woven into their food study, which includes conversations and activities pertinent to healthy eating and where food comes from.  In Junior Kindergarten, our 4- & 5-year-old PreK program, the children learn about the Seminole Indians who inhabited Florida along with their Living Off the Land study. Thanksgiving also relates into our Responsive Classroom activities that build character and community as we learn to respect differences and find commonalities, such as what we are thankful for and participating in our food drive to help hungry children. With our experiential, exploratory and discovery approach to learning, literacy, math and science and social studies can be woven together… [Read more]

Week of November 14

Pure Poetry One of our favorite event of the year is Poetry in the Park and this week’s event definitely lived up to its rich tradition. Poetry in the Park is aptly named as each class from our youngest three-year-olds to our fourth graders learns a poem to recite from the stage set up in the Lower School Quad for the occasion. All of The Experiential and Lower School’s students and faculty as well as many of their family members gathered on blankets and chairs to acknowledge the oratory efforts of each class. It was a beautiful morning, not only in reference to the weather but also to see the students appreciate each other’s efforts. See our Alpha and Junior Kindergarten students in their shining moments! Poetry in the Park photos: Dalmatians in their lunch boxes Mrs. Jotch’s class poem was entitled, A Dalmatian in My Lunchbox. Look how delighted her students were, after Poetry in the Park, when they opened their… [Read more]

Week of November 7

A Visit to the Past Weedon Island Nature Preserve was the perfect destination for our JK students who are studying the Seminole Indians and living off the land. It was also a great place to further the study of seeds, leaves and trees that the Junior Kindergartners have chosen as their class projects. The boys and girls enjoyed their trail walk and learning about the creatures living there, as well as their visit to the preserve classroom and museum where they were able to view and touch artifacts and tools of Florida’s original inhabitants. One of the artifacts that fascinated the children was a real canoe made from a log.     How Seeds Travel In conjunction with their seed study, Mr. Collins came from the Middle School to talk to Ms. Bowen’s class about seeds, last week.He began by asking the children how they thought seeds spread or move around. Our great thinkers came up with… [Read more]