Week of Sept. 12, 2014

Happy Birthday! With the start of a new tradition, the Junior Kindergartners all joined in the celebration of their friends who had birthdays in August. Each each class participated in the preparation of a special birthday treat (frozen fruit/yogurt sandwiches) on the day before. During assembly on the day of JK’s first exploring, the celebrants were wished a happy birthday in song. They then were the first to enjoy snack in the “Birthday Room” where they and their friends autographed their special birthday shirts that they proudly wore for the remainder of the day and then home. All of the JK students will have the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays in this fashion throughout the year, cooking a different special snack each month! Off to the park September is the month for Alpha and Junior Kindergarten’s traditional first field trip to Crisp Park. The trip serves the multiple purposes of… [Read more]

Week of Sept. 5, 2014

Making our motto meaningful The Shorecrest motto, “At Shorecrest, we respect ourselves, each other and the environment.” is recited daily in the Experiential School of Tampa Bay. To be sure its recitation is more than rote, the Junior Kindergartners analyzed it in relation to the behaviors and actions they deem important. Step one was sharing the actions they think are important to remember. These thoughts then were written on strips and passed out randomly. Each student took the action he/she received and, with the help of their classmates, decided which aspect of the motto it related to respecting: themselves, each other, or the environment. The end result – the knowledge that our motto truly is an all encompassing rule to live by! Circles in our environment and art The Alpha children have been exploring circles! They talked about the attributes of a circle and named things they know that have… [Read more]

Week of Aug. 29, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ms. Fenech It was a special birthday for Alpha teacher, Meaghan Fenech, when her students and parent representative surprised her on her birthday with the help of her assistant teacher, Ms. Rosoff. The children decorated a frame containing a photo of the class holding a birthday sign to present to Ms. Fenech along with cupcakes for snack that everyone enjoyed. A visit with Mrs. Smay The Experiential School students had their first visit to the library this week. With the help of her puppets Mr. Clean Hand and Mr. Dirty Hand, Mrs. Smay taught the children about book etiquette.  The returning Experiential School students were thrilled to see Mrs. Smay again, and our new students were excited to meet her and experience our wonderful library. Everyone is looking forward to their first book checkout next week. First PE classes The PE coaches quickly become some of the Experiential… [Read more]