Week of February 5

It was the 100th day of school, and the Junior Kindergartners celebrated in style by creating hats and a snack of one hundred. It took patience and perseverance to make ten different strips of ten – ten sticker eyes, ten foam stickers, ten holes punched, ten shapes stamped, ten fringes snipped, ten sticker dots, ten dotted circles, ten styrofoam pieces stuck on, ten picture stickers and ten XXXXs! The ten strips were stapled to a headband proclaiming the 100th day, and the hats were worn proudly as evidence of counting skill and the knowledge that ten tens equals 100! The snack of 100 also required counting 10 groups of ten (popcorn, colored cereal loops, marshmallows, pretzels, chocolate chips, Chex, raisins, M&M’s, Cheerios, and raisins) into a bag to enjoy snacking from on the outside deck. The discovery – that 100 of anything is a lot to eat, and many took home a portion of what was declared to… [Read more]

Week of January 28

It was a cold (for Florida!) and wet week in The Experiential School of Tampa Bay, but it was still full of exciting learning, discovery and extraordinary experiences. The Alpha students had an exciting trip to ta pediatric dental office to learn about the jobs of the people there to continue their study of people in the neighborhood. Drs. Sandy and Michael Worman (she attended Shorecrest AND is a Shorecrest parent) and their staff showed a video and demonstrated how to care for teeth, and allowed the children to explore the office and try out some of the equipment. By the time they returned to school, everyone agreed that there was nothing scary about going to the dentist! Thank you, Drs. Sandy and Mike! There was a new officer on campus this week! Officer Mike, our campus protection officer, brought K9 Officer Mike to visit and demonstrate his training. Though he follows commands… [Read more]

Week of January 22

Water wonder It was off to Boyd Hill Nature Preserve for the Junior Kindergartners this week for fieldwork about the water cycle. After spending some time in the outdoor nature classroom learning how to tell water turtles from those that live on land, the students traveled along the trail following the water from swamp to marsh to lake. Though the cold kept most of the animals from view, the children were able to spot some coots, moorhens and a magnificent anhinga drying its wings. Among the new vocabulary learned on the trip were the words hammock (the branches and leaves overhead that created out shade) and scag (those important dead trees that provide homes and food for lots of wildlife). Taking advantage of puddles Mrs. Craver’s students used the puddles left by the rain storm to learn about water, light and reflections. They discovered that the reflections were only visible when they stood… [Read more]