Week of November 20

Dear Friends, The past week was full of fun, food and fellowship! Our three-, four-, and five-year-old preschoolers in the Experiential School at Shorecrest were extra busy with their project-based and service learning as well as the Alpha study of the first Thanksgiving and the Junior Kindergartner explorations related to living off the land like the Seminole people did long ago. Here’s a look at and some details of their activities. How are the gardens growing? It was back to the Pioneer Community Gardens at Boyd Hill for the Alpha students to check on the progress of the crops, and to do their part to help with these gardens that supply fresh vegetables to homeless shelter kitchens. When the children visited in September, the gardens had only recently been sown, so they were thrilled to see how everything has grown and to do their part to help. The boys and girls worked with… [Read more]

Week of November 13

It’s been a wonderful week in which our young students took to the stage for their first time this year as young orators during Poetry in the Park, our annual celebration of poetry. I loved the way the crowd of students and parents quieted as each class began to recite its poem and clapped with enthusiasm as they finished. The children were so proud, as they should have been; it’s not easy to get up in front of hundreds of people when you’re an adult, never mind only three-, four-, and five-years-old! Fabulous Poetry in the Park photos are available here for you to view and download thanks to volunteer Charger mom Leslie Mathews. (Watch our amazing students perform in this full Poetry in the Park video) More than just a performance Before the actual event, the children spent time rehearsing their poems and creating their own costumes and props. For… [Read more]

Week of November 5

We ended last week with lots of Halloween and Fall fun! The children were delighted to show their costumes to their classmates, then to their parents and the rest of the student body at the annual Shorecrest Halloween parade. They loved being spectators as the lower school students passed our reviewing area, then gamely passed through the admiring middle schoolers on their way to the Athletic Center. After the parade, changing out of their costumes and a simple snack, it was off to the Fall Festival for games, rides, crafts and lots of bouncing! See lots more pictures of the parade and Fall Festival here. Plant and Acorn Experts Visit JK Billy Rowe ’02, a Shorecrest alumnus as well as the son of Sue Rowe, the Lower School art teacher, is a hydroponic gardener. He visited Mrs. Craver’s Junior Kindergarten class on Monday in conjunction with their plant project. He talked with the students about the parts… [Read more]