Week of April 24

Celebrating the Arts Here at Shorecrest, the arts play a prominent role in the children’s everyday experiences. Creativity and imagination are encouraged whether the students are working with art media, telling stories, building with blocks, making music, or reusing recyclables. This week, however, is always extra special as the arts are celebrated across our campus in a big way. We began the week at Monday’s town meeting with a performance by our own music teachers, Ms. Kemp (from The Experiential School ) and Mr. Mitchell (Lower School), who are both concert musicians. Every student from three-years-old through grade eight has a piece of their visual artwork on display, and the Upper School has a juried art show you can visit in the SAC and Janet Root Theatre Lobby. The musical performances on Friday of Alpha through fourth grade celebrate music from many cultures, and the family picnic that follows brings our Experiential School and… [Read more]

Week of April 17

Keeping learning relevant and exciting to the students is at the heart of The Experiential School of Tampa Bay. Our goal is to provide continuous opportunities for the children to explore and experience new activities, places and people, particularly involving and related to their natural world. Relating new and developing skills and concepts to this fascinating world can take more abstract concepts and give them meaning to the curious three-, four-, and five-year olds who are our students — Take a look! A few more ants! The activities you read about last week weren’t the end of the fun with ants! The week concluded with “ants on a log” for snack and the creation of ant headbands  to wear as the children played in the ant cave and, most fun of all, crawling through the ant tunnels created by covering tables with paper! and after A(nt) comes B(ee)! Bees are industrious insects that sometimes get… [Read more]

Week of April 10

Spring has sprung in big ways in The Experiential School of Tampa Bay! From the project-based studies of our four- and five-year-olds in Junior Kindergarten to the our three- and four-year-old Alpha students’ explorations of recycling and reusing to keep our world beautiful, the exploratory experiences are teaching the children to appreciate our natural world. Take a look! O’Keefe, Monet and more In conjunction with their visual arts’ studies and experiences, and in advance of our Celebrate the Arts week, it was off to the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts for the Junior Kindergartners. There they were able to see real paintings by artists they’ve been introduced to, such as Claude Monet and Georgia O’Keefe, and many others. The children instantly recognized O’Keefe’s The Red Poppy, which they had seen and emulated using real flowers, oil pastels and crayons. They impressed their docents by  their ability to identify pictures as portraits, landscapes and still life! Family cooking continues Last fall, in concert with… [Read more]