Week of March 27

After a week off for Spring Break, teachers and children alike returned to Shorecrest raring to go back to exploring, experiencing, discovering and questioning to learn. The weather has been perfect, so it was the right time to make use of the outdoor classroom and do fieldwork. As always, there is much going on in The Experiential School of Tampa Bay; take a look! Transportation fieldwork It was into the parking lots (with great care, of course!) for the Alpha students. Armed with survey sheets, crayons and clipboards or books, the girls and boys observed the vehicles parked and driving down the road to tally how many they saw of each type. Back in the classroom, the children either shared their survey results with a partner or as a class. Week of Webbing With the conclusion of their global study, the Junior Kindergartners came back ready to move on to a brand new projects… [Read more]

Week of March 13

With Spring Break upon us, you’d think things would have been winding down in The Experiential School this past week. The reality instead is that we were reving up until the very end – which was special indeed! Here’s a look at the last day before the break, and then the days leading up to it. Around the World Activity Day Over the last seven weeks, the Junior Kindergartners circled the globe learning about the continents and their contents. This unit of study had a grand conclusion on the annual JK Activity Day. During the morning, with the help of many of their parents, the children enjoyed creating terrariums (mini rainforests), preparing an international lunch for their parents and themselves, trekking around the world (through the wilds of the playground), snack in a European café, and making animal puppets. A huge highlight was a visit from Vernon Yates of Wildlife Rescue with animals from around… [Read more]

Week of March 6

What a week it has been in the Experiential School of Tampa Bay! Grandparents and Special Friends Day, supporting Relay For Life, field trips, guest experts and a trip to the Upper School chicken coop  were just a few of the enriching learning experiences our three-, four- and five-year-olds enjoyed.  Keep reading for glimpses into our fun! Making Grandparents Smile! For me, Grandparents and Special Friends Day was doubly fun, as I played a dual role: one of the educators who is privileged to work with our wonderful students, and Nana to my own two grandchildren! I watched the musical program with joy as I saw my present students shine along with those of years past, all the way through those now in high school. It was special to watch our young students proudly walk their guests through their classrooms and campus demonstrating activities they enjoy. It was fun to walk around with… [Read more]